Curriculum Contributions

How do you think school curriculum is developed?

I think teachers, administrators, phycologists, and other educational experts, brain storm collectively to come up with a curriculum that will best meet all needs of society and what children are capable of at each specific age range.

How are school curriculum developed and implemented?

Everyone has an opinion on curriculum and everyone is more than eager to share their views. It seems that society and all it’s interconnected parts have a part to play when developing curriculum; it’s a political decision that incorporates schools, post education, interest groups, and at times the voice of the public.

But at the center of everything is the teacher. The curriculum may say one thing, but the teacher may teach in their predetermined style. It’s important to get everyone on board, focused and geared in the same direction for students to learn relevant information in a predetermined format.

What new information/perspectives does this reading provide about the development and implementation of school curriculum?

          I’m surprised that everyone has a vested interest in the curriculum. It seems the loudest and most powerful voices are the ones that are heard which isn’t necessarily the best way to go. The special interest groups who lobby the government can also be a powerful force, which isn’t good. Everyone seems to have something to gain from putting their spin onto the curriculum, while the teachers and students are just pawns in the societal game.

Is there anything that surprises you or maybe that concerns you?

I’m surprised that it’s generally middle aged, white, males that are making all the decisions. Although this is where the power in our society lays, women have just as much invested in their children’s education as do the men, and their voices are easily ignored. We need to include different perspectives in the curriculum creation process and invite First Nations elders, and leaders from other ethnic groups to be at the decision table. The curriculum affects their children too.





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