About Anthea

Hi, my name is Anthea Holczer and I’m currently an Education student at the University of Regina. I’m thoroughly enjoying my experience at university and marvel at the end of each semester how much I’ve learned and grown as an individual.

As a mature student I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into my classes, but I’m always excited to learn new things and acquire new concepts. I have taught English in Korea for three years, which was an amazing experience. This experience allows me to empathize with EAL students, as I know how it feels to be in an environment where you feel frightened and scared. I also taught English to newcomers who lived in Cudworth and Humboldt, and my classes included job searching skills, writing cover letters, and interview techniques.

I have also worked as an EA in Humboldt at St. Augustine Elementary School, and St. Dominic Elementary School. My position primarily focused on working with students who had special needs, but in my last two years I focused on helping EAL students with their language skills. I loved this position, but realized it was time for me to grow as an individual and get my teaching degree.

I enjoy the challenge of learning new things, and with my degree I’m constantly learning. Last summer I went to UQAC in Chicoutimi, Quebec to study French. I lived with a home-stay family and was completely immersed in French and Quebec culture. It was a great experience, I learned a lot.

Outside dining on Chicoutimi’s main street in the evening.Photo Credit: Azamay Flickr via Compfight cc

I’ve spent many hours volunteering. One of my favorite volunteer opportunities was with The Kids on The Block program. This program uses puppets to teach students about bullying, safety, and abuse and how to keep themselves and their friends safe. Here is a video I made about that experience.

Experiences with Educational Technology

When it comes to technology I’m nervous. I have a Facebook account, but don’t really know how to use it. I think ‘Big Brother’ is constantly monitoring our activities, and I want as little information about me on the internet as possible. I’ve been doing my best to stay in ‘incognito mode’ and in trying to stay hidden the technology train has overtaken me, now I’m left in ‘no-man’s land’. Trying to set up my blog has been frustrating, I have no idea about Twitter, and I’m not sure what social networking is all about; I have a lot to learn.

Thoughts on Blogging

When I was first forced to start blogging for classes I thought it was a ‘make work project’, to ensure we were doing course readings. I was a very ‘reluctant blogger’. Now I realize it’s an excellent learning tool. In Tracie Heskett’s article “Blogging in the Classroom”, she states that once students have written a blog they have an “authentic audience”. This is a valid point. To publish work on the internet means I take particular care in what I say, when others comment on my blogs, my ideas and thoughts are validated by my peers. Comments can also stimulate interesting conversations, and from these ideas new thoughts can flourish.

I am just learning that having a blog is the first step to having a digital identity. With this digital identity I can control how the world perceives me. This is powerful. Blogging is a tool that I can use to promote myself to the world in a positive light. As Dan Schawbel states in his article “5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Yours Resume in 10 Years” I need to “treat my life as one giant networking event and meet as many people in [my] field as [I] can”. Blogging is the key to meeting like minded people, where we can help and inspire each other with our own unique perspectives.







One thought on “About Anthea

  1. It is great to meet you Anthea! I too taught English in Korea for 3 years! I was in Geochang-eup for my first year and in Gangneung-si for the 2nd and 3rd year. Where abouts were you? I totally agree with you that the experience enables us to empathize with EAL students as we have experienced being immersed in a new culture and language. Looking forward to learning more about you over the next several weeks!

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