Grips, Kicks, and Footwork

Photo Credit: Flavio~ Flickr via Compfight cc

Learning martial arts is tough yet rewarding. Who’d of thought I love kicking? It’s been so long since my body did martial arts and moving like this it feels like I’m having a welcome home party. I’m rusty, really rusty, but it’s good to get moving and sweating. I’ve been really sweating this week.

For my second week of learning the staff, I have followed the video ‘Combat Bo Staff Class for Beginners – Chevron – Class #2‘. Today was quiet a workout which was great. The warm up exercises included basic kicks, which I’ve loved. I’ve been thinking about my previous martial arts experience where my blood pumped and sweat flowed. My kicks are bad as it’s been several years since I’ve done them, but it felt invigorating to get my body moving again. Here’s a video of my warm-up, and my bad kicks but it was brilliant to do them.

The Combat Bo Staff Class for Beginners – Yellow Chevron – Class 2‘ video teaches new grips: four in total. Who’d of thought there would be so many different ways to hold a staff? When practicing strikes with the new grips, the movements feel different some more powerful than others. These will take practice to master, as my hands have a will all of there own and want to do their own thing.

The footwork seemed easy at first, but when we added different grips and strikes, everything went out of the window. I tend to be uncoordinated at the best of times which is why I like martial arts, (it teaches me coordination) and using new techniques all at once was overwhelming. Direction changes, new strikes, and different grips all at the same time was too much; my brain was lost and my body did not cooperate. It seems impossible. Practice is key. To do anything well takes time, practice and lots of patience.

Here is the video I’ve been following along with this week.

I’ve been searching through Feedly for articles on the staff and techniques, but there hasn’t been anything; this is frustrating. I would have linked interesting articles through my Twitter feed onto my blog page. However, in my search for articles I did find one on Google News about martial arts in general, “Be Prepared Martial Arts Master Teaches Students How to Defend Themselves”. It’s important to remember that martial arts are learned physical skills, but the philosophy emphasizes respect for others. In the article Mr. Palumbo says “be aware, and try to avoid conflict, but be prepared”, which is excellent advice. He also says “fighting back … should always be dictated by a combination of common sense and gut instincts”. He also emphasizes running as fast as possible is usually the best option to stay safe, rather than fight.

Since starting this course I’ve had technical difficulties. The first week, my modem broke down and it took days before a technician came to fix it. I was frustrated, I couldn’t practice; I would open YouTube daily to follow along with the video. Last week, my area of the city had no power and again I couldn’t access the internet. I realized I need to download videos which will allow me to practice no-matter if the modem works or the power is off. Here is a video I’ve made using Screencastify, to demonstrate how to save YouTube video’s using Clip Converter.


4 thoughts on “Grips, Kicks, and Footwork

  1. Hi Anthea!
    I absolutely love how creative your learning project is! I honestly never would have thought of it! You’re recording your learning in a very neat and appealing way! Keep up the great work! I wouldn’t want to mess with you after you learn all those moves!

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