Kata Confusion


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Oh, my goodness! I’m now in the land of full on martial arts and my head is spinning. This week I’ve been studying a learning Kata. A Kata is a sequence of movements which allows you to practice skills in a predetermined manner. I’m putting my new grips, kicks, and footwork into a pattern that allows me to practice my new skills and see the flow of movement. It all sounds really interesting, but my body and brain sometimes have a tough time communicating in unison. Below is a short movie of my second try at learning this Kata. As you’ll see I didn’t have the iPad at the correct height, but I corrected this mistake in the second video.

This Kata does have some new strikes, footwork, and a different hand grip just to help keep things interesting, or frustrating depending on your perspective.

I’m hoping you’ll see an improvement in my technique and skill level in this second video. Several days really isn’t enough time to truly feel comfortable with this Kata, but it is a start.

Did you notice an improvement? Did you see I felt more self confident with this Kata today?

Here is the video I’ve been following this week. I have enjoyed this series of lessons as they have warms ups, a lesson, and cool down stretches.

I’ve discovered that we have an Aikido school here in Regina and part of this martial art includes staff training. I’ve been missing having a teacher to guide and correct my grips, kicks, and footwork. I’ve been having issues with this week’s Kata on the right side, and I’ve wished I had someone to correct me. I know I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what it is.

The Aikido class isn’t a beginner class, but I went anyway. There were 5 of us in the Sunday weapons class and I was intimidated. My fitness level is poor and being in a class with knowledgeable students was scary.

I had an amazing experience. The teacher was great, and so were the other students; they were all welcoming and very patient. This class wasn’t focused on fitness like my Tae Kwon Do classes, but on technique and skill. My few weeks of online practice which included grips, and footwork held me in good stead. For the first time, I understood the concept of spirals my Tai-Chi Masters emphasized in Edmonton, while using the Jo (staff) in class today. I’d never been able to feel the spiraling energy before as all power comes from the Dantian, (just below the belly button). This was a revelation for me. It felt like all my previous martial arts experiences were being pooled into one. The Aikido class was a completely different approach to martial arts, and I liked it. I also liked the fact I practiced sparing with other students, who helped me in areas of difficulty.

I am going to have to change my focus from Bow staff techniques to Aikido Jo techniques and see what I can find on Youtube.

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